Welcome to Domestic Management Services


Welcome to Domestic Management Services


Domestic Management Services

Serving you for over 30 years

   Domestic Management Services is here to serve you for all your estate needs weather its to liquidate an estates personal property,relocations, downsizing & senior adult needs.

     I discovered at the young age of 12 when my family had a cross country relocation auction that not all sales were best fit for an auction. I have learned this business from the ground up. Taking all the positive from many years as a buyer at auctions watching many auctioneers. Then seeing all the families challenges & needed services that were not available. Taking the negative & making the much needed improvements. I’ve taken all the positive things I liked about each business and then started my own company. I Started my business in 1989.My businesses main focus was Residential property management providing serves for busy homeowners from the housekeeping, lawn services & contracting many other needed services. Managing each project with my keen eye for details. From plumbing repairs, garage door repairs & replacement. Then expanding into total remodeling. Home additions, senior living safety needs, bathroom upgrades & much more. All the while managing clients deaths, moving, downsizing, organizing & senior adult needs. So yes, I was the very first estate service in Southwest Missouri. With this background I can arrange with the estate all needed prep from needed maintaince,repairs & more for the real-estate. If family needs a realtor to fit the property we work with several in the area from the smallest property to the largest in Springfield. We also work with a realtor of the families choosing.Now in our fast-paced world buyers want to get in & out of a sale, not tying up an entire long hot day at an estate auction to wait on specific items. They also love a good estate sale in the middle of winter indoors. We love them too, no competition! Each estate has its own unique challenges and our professional team has the knowledge and experience to adjust to this ever-changing environment. Each estate is personal to us as we know it is personal to our clients. We work closely with the family to assure a timely and profitable endeavor for all involved. We only work on one project at a time. Never overlapping our estates so each family gets our undivided attention! We spend more time on each estate with an eagle’s eye. We have an endless supply of collectors from guns to china for all the current values unique to every item in the estate. Along with my lifetime of knowledge from selling, buying & collecting. We always tell our families keep what you want & leave us the mess! Don’t sort or throw anything away! We have seen a lot of lost value with hasty pitching. Remember “hast is waste”! We truely try to help you in every way to make sure we can liquidate your family treasures for the best value. Please remember almost everthing in your home has value. Please do not toss or discard any items before we meet.  We do all the cleaning and preparing after you get the items you are keeping removed or marked.

We recycle & reuse alot. Including clean boxes, shopping bags & wrapping for our buyers. They love it.

We understand this can be a difficult time for the families involved weather it’s a death, senior move or cross-country relocation. Our team will handle the entire estate process, beginning to end. Leaving you free to handle other matters during this transition period.

Also, we take the time & attention to every detail sifting through each estate with a fine-tooth comb. In all the years I’ve attended auctions as a buyer we are straight forward and like my clients to know how it all works from the beginning to the end. We do small  to larger sales all over southwest Missouri. In 2017 we managed estates from $67,000.00 to $1.2 million in real-estate value. After our process & prep the realtors had properties under contract in 2 weeks. Closing with no inspection snags.

I work with my crew - I am a working owner/operator! 

Over the years I have built a large following of buyers that attend my sales. We price our sales fairly to get the best value for your estate. If there are items that need to be sold on the internet for the best value  to the estate then we sell it on the internet as Top-Rated Power Sellers. 

We have very successful sales outcome. 

 We do not allow any pre-sales or previews by anyone! That includes neighbors, friends, extended family or DMS staff. We are very transparent in our process.

Our fees are on sliding scale & no 2 estates are the same. It’s all in the value, size, condition, location & season.

Experienced Bonded and Insured Estate sale company. 

   We offer a free consultation. We never ask for any money upfront. We have former clients available to speak with you about our work. We value our customers and treat them as family. We're always available and ready to meet you and discuss your needs. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you have a very blessed day.


Generate excitement


From sorting,packing,loading,transporting & prepping your home for the real estate sale we cover every detail.

We are all you need to make any home transition for any home change to fit all your home needs.

Once you determine your needs from liquidating a loved ones personal property, downsizing & moving your senior adult parents to assisted living to relocating you cross country to be near the grandchildren.

Once that process has been accomplished we can then prep your real estate & recommend the right agent to best fit your property.

Tell us your domestic needs to custom fit your project

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